Peak Payment Solutions

Billing, Software, Made Easy


  • Prospecting on-the-go

    Engage potential customers across multiple devices - use your phone, tablet, or laptop to track prospecting and new membership sales.

  • Front Desk Performance

    Track check-ins, membership sales, and ensure that your front desk staff is utilizing their time and tools to benefit your business.

  • Projected Deposit Statements

    Access your projected financial statements anywhere, so you can keep up to date on incoming deposits - all on-the-go.

  • Booking

    Schedule and manage appointments, keep track of how your trainers are doing, and maintain efficiency, all at the touch of a button.

Peak's Advantage Over its Competitors

Apply Peak's full service billing & club management software
and give your club the advantage over your competitors.

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Straightforward, predictable rates you can understand and count on
No hidden charges or additional payment processing fees passed on
Lending programs providing additional capital to grow your business
Higher collection percentages in membership account resolution

$99 Sign Up

Programs, Tools & Systems promoting growth for single and multiple owned clubs
User Friendly CRM and booking system developed for your entire staff
Membership Database continuously corrected, updated, and nurtured
Various Automated and customized reports for live and projected financials

$99 Sign Up

Reliable on-the-go software, downloadable, and web based programs
Extensive Knowledge and experience in owning and operating fitness clubs
25+ years experience in payment processing and account resolution
Attentive representatives providing support and relief to clients and staff